Matt Eland

Instructor at Tech Elevator

After several decades as a software engineer and engineering manager, Matt now serves as a software engineering instructor at Tech Elevator where he gets to raise up future developers and unleash them upon the world to build awesome things.

Matt is an Azure Data Scientist and AI Engineer Associate, runs a data science blog and YouTube channel, is currently pursuing a master's degree in data analytics, and helps organize the Central Ohio .NET Developer Group.

In his copious amounts of spare time, Matt continues to build nerdy things and looks for ways to share them with the community.

Upcoming sessions:

Automating my Dog with Azure Cognitive Services

Like many terrier owners, I have a problem. My dog is overworked from the constant need to monitor multiple streets to bark at squirrels or passers by. I'd like to free up more of his time and energy for snuggling and play but the outdoors must still be monitored. Thankfully, it turns out that much of what my dog does, Azure Cognitive Services can help with. In this talk we'll use this absurd premise to explore progressively enhancing applications through the Azure Cognitive Services speech, vision, and text APIs. We'll look at object detection, facial APIs, text to speech, speech to text, and language understanding. By the end of this session you'll have more of an understanding of what Azure Cognitive Services can do and the basics of how to interact with them from code so that you, like my dog, can take advantage of pre-trained machine learning models to enhance devote more of your energy to other areas.

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