Konstantinos Kyriakos Sitistas

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador - Electrical & Computer Engineering Student

Konstantinos is a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and an Electrical & Computer Engineering Student in the University of Patras, Greece. His main area of interest is software engineering, and he is also working on the fields of natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Along with his involvement in the MLSA program, he is also working on cloud technologies, especially using Azure. Konstantinos is currently working for an IoT company as an engineer, where he also has the chance to sharpen his skills in this technological area.

Upcoming sessions:

Introduction to Named Entity Recognition using Azure Language

Have you ever wondered how you can extract entities from unstructured text documents? Many modern applications, like processing of resumes, optimization of search engines and content recommendation rely on this technology to work properly! During the session, you will have the chance to learn more about Named Entity Recognition (NER) and you will build your own Custom NER solution, using the Azure Language Service, in order to extract entities such as dates, numeric values and names from text documents.

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