Frank-Felix Felix

Campus Community Lead; DSN AI+ UNIBEN

Frank-Felix is a Data Scientist and ML Engineer who is interested in the growth of AI in Nigeria and African at large. He is keenly interested in Communities and their growth.

He is currently in his penultimate year studying Computer Science at the University of Benin, Nigeria and serves as Deputy Team Lead for DSN AI+ UNIBEN.

He is also active on different Tech communities including the Data Community Africa, Goggle Developers Club, The Nigerian Computer Society and so on.

Upcoming sessions:

Data Science and AI in Africa: The Impact of Communities

In recent times, Data Science and AI is growing drastically within African Communities and this is an effect of the continuous impact by different communities. In this session we will explore how the study of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI has grown over the years and how different communities has made efforts to improve the State of Data Science and AI. I will be making reference to certain communities who are championing the move, which includes Data Scientist Network (DSN), The Data Community Africa ( Hosts of DataFest Africa 2022) and The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadorship Program. Of course this claim of growth cannot be justified by Assumptions or Perception. I'll be using Data Extracts for the Kaggle Survey 2018 to 2022 to show how Data Scientist from Africa have grown

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