Raghav Rawat

Raghav Rawat

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and Student at RV College of Engineering

I am a third year undergraduate engineering student at RV College of Engineering. I am passionate about Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Data Science and how they help improve our lives. I am a learner in the field of quantum computing and have a keen interest in Quantum Machine Learning and topics like Quantum Annealing and Quantum Optimization of loss landscapes.

Upcoming sessions:

Acknowledging Edge AI and its fantastic applications.

In this session we will be appreciating the beautiful blend of AI and edge devices like microprocessors and microcontrollers. We will discuss what challenges this side of AI entails and in what aspects the end product of these edge devices prove better than their full fledged resource relaxed AI system counterparts. We will cover introduction to tensorflow lite and deploying the models towards the end.

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