Kunal Kushwaha

Kunal Kushwaha

Empowering Communities via Open Source & Education

Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, MLH Coach, CNCF Intern, Google Summer of Code Mentor, Open Source Enthusiast

Upcoming sessions:

Roadmap to AI and Machine Learning

During this lockdown, I started an initiative that focusses on providing education to everyone. In just a few months, the channel has more than 42k subscribers, and 1 million+ views! Here’s what we have done so far: ⁃ Complete Python Bootcamp ⁃ Complete Machine Learning Bootcamp from scratch, consisting of: ⁃ Explanation of tools ⁃ Mathematics behind ML algorithms ⁃ Making ML models using inbuilt libraries ⁃ Making your OWN custom ML algorithms for models from scratch! ⁃ Guest speaker session on ML for the Web by Sr. Dev Advocate from Google The bootcamp has been watched by thousands of students. Its equivalent to the highly paid ML bootcamps that institutes offer. Just go through the comments & the playlist. I hope this playlist will help you get started with ML! Link for ML: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyzHIYrZBplo3K0dNUqppd2ynnoZPD6N1 In this session, we will cover how i got started with ML & how teaching others helped me in enhancing my knowledge.

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