Anchal Bhalla

Senior Data Science Consultant at Capgemini

Anchal is an experienced data science expert and a published author. She is a technical evangelist who is highly experienced in data science & AI and drives DS&AI portfolio sales in the Middle East. She currently works as a senior data science consultant at Capgemini with multiple high-profile clients in diverse industries to help build their AI strategy and lead digital disruption among them. Previously, she worked at IBM as a data and AI technical specialist and led multiple data science projects in the region. Apart from her corporate job, she enjoys giving back to the community. She is currently a community leader at the Women in Data Chapter in Dubai and an ambassador at the Women in Data Science (WiDS-Stanford University) group. Moreover, she loves speaking at major conferences on subjects like Data science, AI, Ethics, and Women in Tech and is part of the “1 million women in STEM” initiative.

Past sessions:

Roundtable: Women in Data Science

Roundtable: Women in Data Science

In this roundtable session, you will hear opinions of several students and...

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